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"I've had the privilege of working with John Hindman in several contexts; as a director, as a writer and an acting teacher. I've never met anyone who understands more keenly the art of making art . He possesses a shockingly astute intellect  and understands the medium of drama in way that sets him apart."

Hal Ozsan   The Blacklist, Jessica Jones


"John has been my greatest teacher over the years. He is not only incredible from an acting standpoint, but his knowledge of storytelling from a writing standpoint makes him an even more knowledgeable and even greater teacher. Since working with him, I have grown exponentially, my work escalated, and I began working non stop. It is a gift to call him my teacher"

Jade Tailor   The Magicians, Murder in the First, Aquarius

Taylor Handley Actor.jpg

'John is a powerhouse. He understands story and characters like no one I've worked with before. I had completely plateaued with a screenplay I was writing, so John took a look and blew the top off the thing. His fresh ideas and enthusiasm brought new life to the script. Brought the story to a whole new level. His guidance continues to transform my game.'


Taylor Handley    Mayor of Kingstown, Vegas,

Chasing Mavericks, APB


"I am continually humbled by John Hindman. He is able to distill the biggest ideas into beautiful, poetic and concise direction. 
He allows me to feel free and safe in a working environment thus preparing me for the audition room.
A masterful teacher, a wonderful friend; He has taught me so much, with humility, precision"

Annabel Marshall-Roth   Transparent, Hand of God

Graham Sibley Actor.jpg

“John is a master storyteller and teacher.  He has a unique vision, an original voice and deeply understands what we go through as actors.  I can really trust him and that’s everything.”

Graham Sibley   The Newsroom, Aquarius

Hugo Armstrong Actor.jpg

"John is one of the best directors I've ever worked with. He truly listens with his heart and his passion for truth in the work never waivers."

Hugo Armstrong   HBO's Room 104, Fear the Walking Dead

Francesca Gregorini Director.jpg

"John Hindman was a script consultant on my film The Truth About Emanuel. This film was in dramatic completion Sundance 2013 and was theatrically released by Tribeca Films. I feel that Johns input on the script was invaluable.  

He is generous, tenacious and sensitive. I would very highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about maximizing the potential of their script. Furthermore, he is a pleasure to work with. A nice, cool guy who cares and works hard to help you figure out how to get the most from your material

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