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"We are not here to do things we can do."- John Hindman


 SCENE STUDY  1 & 2 — In Person Class

4 Weeks $275 — The Blank Theatre


TUESDAYS 7pm-10pm   Aug 23rd-Sept 13th

THURSDAYS 11am-2pm   Aug 25th - Sept 15th  

This class is an intense, directed, on-going scene study class.  From Shakespeare to emerging new playwrights, we use the best material possible to push the actor and create a richer level of storytelling. The sole purpose of this class is to get the actor to function from a deeper emotional truth. 

You will be given a scene from a play and assigned a partner. Long scenes are encouraged as we strive to create and sustain the life of the character over an extended period of time. You are expected to know your lines and come to class having made choices. The goal of this class is to use great plays as a device to uncover the obstacles to your creative growth. It's not a contest to see who can do the best scene, but rather an emotional exploration of the character and a deepening of your understanding of your own process. 

*Class size is limited.  Actors will be considered for Scene Study 1 or 2 based on an interview

and or reel submission. Auditors must register in order to attend.



This one-of-a-kind four week Zoom class will meet Wednesdays from 11am - 2pm PST. Spots for this class are very limited and are based on a reel submission or  interview. Every week you will audition and work on your sides with Lou and John. Whether your audition is one line, on Zoom, or three scenes in-person, you will learn what a casting director is looking for based solely on the audition material provided.  Lou believes that actors are…STORY DETECTIVES. A casting director has provided all the clues. This class will teach you how to decipher the story and understand your role in it.  You will learn how to reverse-engineer your sides in order to understand WHY the casting director chose this audition material. This class will give you a working formula, a checklist for every audition. How to do the research. How dissect the material.  How to rehearse all possible options. And how to make sure that the video quality of your tape is up to par.You will learn how to find your character’s reason for being.


 We will choose from  the most popular genres and your auditions fall into these categories. We will break down what makes that genre/show unique - unlike other shows and genres. You will get an understanding of the role you need to play in order to fit into that specific world or show. The rules of the genre world are crucial and if you know what they are it is so much easier to know how you can support that world and get the job! 


Horror - what is horror really? How can I act scared and not feel stupid? What are the rules of this world? What are the essential horror beats? What is the horror writer looking for?


Comedy- What makes a script a comedy? What if it's not funny? What if I'm not funny? How do comic characters function in a comic world? What are the essential comedy beats? How does it differ from acting in a drama? 


Love Story - Lifetime andHallmark and Grey's Anatomy, most shows are filled with love stories. What are the unique beats of a love story? Why is it the highest form? How do I "act" like I love someone? What are the love tricks?


Procedural - Most shows are about occupations - lawyer/doctor/cop/fireman etc. They have a problem every week. How can I fit into an ongoing show and still stand out? What are they looking for on episodic tv and how does it differ from streaming or a movie. How can I make an impact in the few scenes I have? 


Drama- How can I be in a drama and not be "dramatic"? How much is too much? How can I tell how dramatic the story is? What makes it different from the other forms? What about dramatic comedy? 


If you want to live in these worlds you must know the rules of these worlds. And when you do your audition will seem like you are already on the show. But at the end of class we will go over the rules of the next weeks audition. You will have a template to which you can apply Lou's three audition steps. This level of specificity will no doubt raise your game.​

Dates: August 31- September 21st

Time: 11AM - 2PM

Cost: $325 

Auditors  $125

Lou Taylor Pucci is a twenty-five year veteran of Film and Television. After getting his start on Broadway in “The Sound of Music” at age 12 he went on to win the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize  for Acting and Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival  for his role in “Thumbsucker”. Lou has amassed an impressive body of work. Along the way he has worked with Paul Newman, Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons, Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney, and Chris Pine among others. Recently he starred in Netflix’s “You” and can currently be seen in Apple TV+ series “Physical" with Rose Byrne.

*Class size is limited.  Actors will be considered for this class based on interview and or reel submission.

Auditors must register in order to attend.



In 2017, After eighteen years of teaching, John Hindman opened his own studio in the heart of Hollywood on Theater Row. Using his experience as a writer/director John will guide students through the rigorous and detailed work of character building in an on-going scene study class.

As a writer, his script The Dream of the Romans was included on Hollywood’s famous Black List.  He is the writer and director of the  Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee The Answer Man starring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. His latest film, The Passing Parade, was selected as the opening night film for the Boston Film Festival where it won Best Actress. It  was released August 2019 on all platforms.

John has written for studios, producers, as well as television as a staff writer for NBC/Universal's sitcom Bad Judge for Gary Sanchez Productions.

Theatrically, John has directed multiple award-winning productions including David Auburn’s Proof and Beth Henley’s Crimes of the Heart as well as Cyndy Lou Johnson’s Brilliant Traces and Dusk Rings a Bell by Stephen Belber. His re-imagining of Rajiv Joseph's Gruesome Playground Injuries was a commercial and critical success.  John was also one of the directors of the groundbreaking Noir Series which was the first Los Angeles theatrical production to be live streamed globally.


John's  script  "Unstoppable"  is being produced by Dwayne Johnson and 7 Bucks Productions. In addition, William Goldenberg is directing  John's "Savage" with Zero Gravity producing.


The hardest thing about writing is knowing what to write – Syd Field


Many of us have had a great idea for a story only to have it die slowly once we try and turn it into a screenplay. Or worse, you’ve been unable to even begin due to a lack of understanding of how screenplays work. You’ll receive what every writer needs; a roadmap that breaks down the necessary story elements that you need in order to tell your story.  Whether you’re an actor, writer, director, or producer you need to understand how stories work in order to contribute to them on any level. This five-week workshop explores and explains the various schools of thought on screenwriting using popular films as a guide. All great films have the same story building elements in common. If you know what they are you have a good chance of telling a story that works. 

Week one:

Breaking down the language of screenplays 

What makes dialogue work?

Theme- what is it and how to make it great

Writing great characters - Heroes and opponents

Week two:

Breaking down the first act of a film

Exploring a current screenwriting template and finding what works

 Mining your life for ideas

Screenwriting template #2

Week four:

Breaking down the second act of a film

Finding your ending

Screenwriting template #3

Week four

Breaking down the third act of a film.

Cards – what they are and how to use them

How to go from an idea to a finished script

Establishing a writing routine you can stick to





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